Babe Blooz with Ian and Mags

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Babe Blooz




I think it’s been the hottest day of the year so far – easily 30 degrees here – making it very difficult to work from home. A perfect opportunity for meeting-up with mates! So, I took a drive over to Market Harborough tonight to catch-up with Ian and Mags at Babe Blooz, as part of our three-monthly get-together. As I parked the car in the very humid temperatures, I wondered about the wisdom of choosing curry!

Mags arrived first in her shiny Audi TT convertible. I hadn’t seen it before and it was a lovely looking beastie. After drooling over the car, we decided to head into the restaurant to get out of the heat and that proved to be a good decision as their air conditioning was working perfectly!

A pint or so later, Ian arrived, giving us the perfect excuse to re-fill our glasses! After a quick natter, we headed for our table and checked-out the menu. We all abandoned thoughts of diets and tucked into the starters, followed by a nice mix of mains (although Ian’s prawn creation was exceptionally hot). We skipped desserts, and Mags and I finished with coffee, whilst Ian wrestled with trying to order Green Tea. Err, no way – PG Tips it is then!!!! 

All-in-all, it was all good, but the place was pretty quiet – maybe that’s normal for them on a Monday, but by the time we came to pay the bill around 9.30, the place was deserted.

Suitably stuffed, we set a date for out next event and headed home – Phew! It’s was still 24 degrees at 9.30pm, so I suspect a sleepless night ahead.

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