The Saxon Mill

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The Saxon MillI took the short drive over to The Saxon Mill  on the Coventry Road, near Warwick. It’s my three-monthly get-together with Ian and Mags – time for a catch-up on each others’ activities. It was also our ‘Christmas do’ the nearest we’ve scheduled it to Christmas for many years.

Unusually, 🙂 I was first to arrive, and the car-park was already half-full (a good sign for a Monday). Ian and Mags followed soon after and we headed inside. It was hard to fully appreciate the exterior of the Restaurant as it was dark, but I did spot the very atmospheric water-wheel in operation. Inside it was a modern multi-level open-plan affair and we were ushered into the corner (they obviously knew were the noisy sort!!!!)

The menu was extensive rather than expensive and the service efficient – a perfect combination! It was a first visit for me and I was really impressed by the food on offer – top notch!!!

Considering we’d all seen each other in August, there was a lot to catch-up on and we had a really good laugh along the way. The hours flew by, and before we knew it, it was 9pm and having set the date for our next get-together, we then headed back to the car-park. An early end to the evening by most peoples’ standards, but I’m tutoring tomorrow and needed my beauty-sleep! Smile 

I had a reasonably smooth journey back, but the cold and fog slowed the traffic down, so it took a little longer.

Ian, Mags, it was great to see you both and the restaurant was excellent!!

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