‘Han’ Restaurant with Ian, Mags and Alan

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Han Chinese Restaurant I drove over to Market Harborough to my fave Chinese restaurant ‘Han’ tonight. It’s the normal three-monthly catch-up with Ian and Mags. This time Alan, Ian’s friend came too, as he’s supporting Ian on his sponsored bike-ride from Land’s End-to-John-O’Groats this week and next.

The table was booked for 7.30 and as usual, I was there early! – closely followed by Mags who’d seen me get out of the car in the same car-park as her.

Mags and I, on the stroke of 7.30, made our way to the table as we were starving – a few minutes later, Ian and Alan arrived. We acted decisively and chose the Han Banquet, one of those options that offers almost ‘one-of-everything-that’s-Chinese’.

The service was, as always, superb – Singwei, our waitress, remembered me from previous visits (but was slightly confused because I entered with Mags and she thought I had ‘changed my wife’!)

Ian and Alan brought Mags and I up-to-speed on Ian’s sponsored bike-ride. He’s covered about a third of his thousand miles this week (!!!!!) and with around three weeks left, he’s picking-up from where he left off today – Nottingham – on Monday.

What felt like 50 portions later, we were stuffed, but somehow managed to squeeze down teas and coffees, but just no room for desserts!!!

We left around 9.30 and I was home by 10. A great evening and good to hear that Ian’s ride is going to plan.

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