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logo_mazza We’d both had a very busy and stressful week, so we decided to take a trip to our fave Indian restaurant, ‘Mazza’s‘ – we couldn’t believe we haven’t been there since January! When we arrived around 7.30, the place was packed, and remained much the same throughout the time we were there – another example of  ‘recession, what recession?’

The service was excellent and food was, just as we remember it, superb! We kicked off with poppadums, a coke and a Tiger beer. We both skipped the starters and got stuck into the mains. Chilli-chicken for me whilst Ann had the lamb. We made up for skipping starters by maxing-out on the accompaniments – cheese & spinach; bombay potato; a mushroom thingy; mushroom rice and a peshwari naan. Yum Yum!!!

We were too stuffed for anything else, so we paid the bill and headed home.

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