Big Mac and a Big Disappointment

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j0427640 I went for my six-monthly check-up at the local dental practice today. The dentist I saw was new and boy, was he rough – ouch! Last time my mouth was that stretched was back in the 1970s when I used to eat a whole Big-Mac in one mouthful! He looked as serious as hell throughout the encounter, and had no ‘small-talk’ whatsoever. I think I’ll contact the Practice and switch to someone gentler, humorous and more of a conversationist…but mostly someone gentler!!

j0289613 The ‘measuring-man’ from the local ‘Rock Revelations’ kitchen company was due to arrive at 1pm to measure the kitchen. His office rang to ask what time the appointment was – doh! When I confirmed 1 o’clock, they said they couldn’t make it, so we arranged for later in the day, 3.30. Later I discovered I’d missed a message on my phone asking for directions – doh!, we’d emailed directions to them last week. I gave them again over the phone. At 3.30, no-one had arrived. When I rang, he was apparently ‘two-minutes’ away. Fifteen minutes later, still no sign of anyone.

I cancelled!

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