Chelsea Flower Show 2009

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We went to the Show today. It’s been a few years since we last went, so we weren’t sure what to expect! All the omens were against us! Firstly, just as we parked at the station, the heavens opened – good job Ann packed an umbrella!

Next, the train was late leaving Kettering because it was waiting for a broken-down train to arrive so it could accommodate its passengers.

Ehh? How can you WAIT for a broken-down train?

So, we were late arriving at St Pancras International – and when we did arrive, we learned that there no services on the Victoria Line due to a Strike!

Eventually we arrived – the sun was shining and the whole place was very much how we remembered it – with one major difference – It was much less busy. That meant it was easier to get around and much, much easier to take photos!

We stayed for around two-and-a-half hours and covered most of the major areas. We even saw ex-London Mayor, Ken Livingstone wandering around followed by a film unit. Ann got her secateurs in for sharpening and we found a stand selling some very special solar-powered lighting – they’ll be delivered in a bout a week’s time.

On our way back, we wandered over to Peter Jones in Sloane Square. Unusually for us, we didn’t browse! Instead, we headed straight for the kitchen department to get some ideas for revamping our kitchen. David, the kitchen consultant was very  helpful an we think we’ve narrowed down our choice of work surface, hob and oven. A major step in the right direction.

After finishing at Peter Jones, we were still too early to catch our designated train at 19.25, so we headed for St Pancras anyway and had a meal at Searcy’s.

Ann had the Chicken with Rhubard Stuffing and I had the Chicken Pie. Between us, we managed to almost finish off a carafe of white-wine. Almost! No desserts, but I had a coffee.

Timing-wise, it was perfect – we  came out of the restaurant ready to board. After some initial confusion about which platform, we were soon on board and heading home – first stop Kettering!

It’s been a great day. The weather held out, we packed a lot in, enjoyed a great meal and got home at a reasonable time!

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