Nicki’s for the Weekend

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We’re off to Nicki’s for the weekend. We left just after 1pm and stopped off at Basildon Park on the way there. This was an interesting National Trust property and one that we had not visited before. We had something to eat as soon as we got there (we were both starving!) and then had a good look around. We also bought some more lights for the garden and a few other nick-nacks from the NT shop.

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It was only about a 30 minute drive from there to Nicki’s and we arrived around 5.45. We sampled Nicki’s home-mad flap-jacks..and they were gorgeous!!!

We chatted for a while and then Nicki and Ann prepared our evening meal – chicken fajitas!! – yummy!! Whilst they were cooking, I was trying to get Nicki’s knackered Nokia phone backed-up. I managed to get hold of the software, but we didn’t have the right cable to connect the phone to her laptop – looks like a short shopping trip tomorrow!

We sat down and ate around 8ish and afterwards, Ann and Nicki went for a walk whilst I watched ‘Have I Got News for You’.

After they got back, I helped Nicki set herself up on Facebook.

10.15, we were knackered and went to bed!

Windsor Castle tomorrow!

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