Saturday at Nicki’s

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I was up first at 7.15. Although I slept well, I seemed to be suffering from sort of sinus problem (which began earlier this week), so I was totally bunged-up.

Nicki was up next, closely followed by Ann. It was a gorgeous day here and so we still planned to go to Windsor Castle. We left around 9.20 and arrived in Windsor around 9.45. We were lucky in that it didn’t take too long to get parked – we managed to get into the flat car-park just behind the high street.

I vaguely remember going to the Castle as a kid, but that’s about it – I don’t recall any more details, so I was looking forward to seeing inside.

Wow! What a beautiful place. The areas that were damaged in the fire all those years ago had been painstakingly restored and looked wonderful. All-in-all we spent about two hours there including seeing the changing of the guard.

After all that culture, we decided to take a break for a drink and something to eat. Just opposite the exit from the Castle was a narrow road (Church St?) filled with tourist-tat and a few tea-shoppes – perfect! We grabbed a table at The Drury House, next to Nell Gwynne’s House (allegedly!). We tucked into tea, tea-cakes and scones. It was a really nice location and the sun was still shining!

After our pit-stop we took a look round the shops in Windsor including picking up a cable for Nicki’s phone in the hope I could copy off the data onto her laptop and some allergy tablets to see if it would relieve my sniffles. The shops were much better and much more extensive than we thought – they seemed to go on for ever! Nice!

We then took a short walk to the Bridge and into the town of Eton. Lots of expensive-looking shops gave way to the splendid Eton College. Once we reached the College, we took a quick look, crossed the road and headed back to the car.

On the way back to Nicki’s we stopped off at the Organic farm-shop nearby for a look-round – Nicki bought me some chilli-cheese

We got back around 3.30 and we were all knackered. I set about trying to sort out Nicki’s phone data, install iTunes and carry-out various other techy-tasks. Task 1 – After connecting the new lead, I just couldn’t get the laptop to talk-to her phone which was really frustrating as the phone is fine, it’s just that the screen is damaged. Task 2 – ITunes seemed to install OK, but I’m not 100% certain it’s synchronising properly. In fact, after a lot of faffing-around I concluded it definitely wasn’t!

I decided to give it a rest and we all went out for an Indian meal about 10 minutes away at a small restaurant tucked away in a small parade of shops near Nicki’s – The Shahi India. The food was excellent and the portions so large, we all ended up leaving something (very unusual for me!). We were impressed that the chef came out to talk with the customers and seek their opinions about his food – brilliant!!

We got back about 9.30 and I had another do at sussing-out Nicki’s iTunes/iPOD dilemma – once again, no joy…so I gave up. The only outstanding task was to check why Nicki’s iRecord device was on the blink. I didn’t have any joy there either – so it’s been a poor day for technology.

10pm – Time for bed!

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