Day 4: Holiday in France

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We were up at 8 and in breakfast by 9. We were especially hungry as we’d not had any food since yesterday lunchtime and restaurant was closed last night!

We’re leaving this morning for our next venue – ‘Chateau de Cavanac’ in er, Cavanac. So, we said our good-byes and ‘fired up the Picasso’. We stopped off in Toulouse on the way there, but it wasn’t much fun as it was raining!

We had lunch in McDonalds (haven’t been to one for a year or so – very nice!) and then bought a car charger for my PDA in FNAC’s. Then, we headed back to the car and headed for Cavanac. It was a long drive, but we arrived in good time – 2.15.

Hotel was empty apart from 1-2 members of staff. It all felt a bit lifeless! Still, we’re here for a few days, so let’s see how it turns out!

We had a drink in the deserted lounge and then had a wander round. It all look a bit strange and in need of light-bulbs!

After an afternoon nap, we got ready for our first evening meal at the hotel.

As it turned out, the meal was SUPERB! We opted for the fixed menu. Ann went for King Prawns followed by Steak then Cheese. Me; Frois Gras then Cheese For dessert, Ann had Apple Tatin and I had Chocolate Gateaux.

We were stuffed at that point (and we’d missed out the fish course!)…and there was still a bottle of red and a bottle of white to get through as part of the 42 Euro fixed menu!!

..we failed – and then the waiter turned up with a complimentary cherry-brandy each! That’ll be two for me then!!

(Must say, the waiters tonight were very efficient – the place was full, but we received excellent service)

10pm – staggered off to bed!!

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