Day 5: Holiday in France

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Ann had the best night’s sleep of the holiday whilst I had a restless night As a result, we didn’t get up until 8.15.

The hotel’s theme of ‘no-lights’ continued into the breakfast area – maybe it was built in the ‘dark-ages’ (arf-arf!). Talk about ‘romantic’, I think I’ll take a torch tomorrow!! πŸ™‚

After breakfast we drove to Carcassonne to explore the town.

Our first stop was the Castle in the old town. Very well restored, very busy…and very hot! After 30 minutes or so of looking around it, we stopped for our normal cafΓ©-crΓ¨me at around 11.30. But the place we chose just ignored us, so we moved on!

So off to the modern bit – full of shops. It’s getting warmer, must be 30 degrees-ish. After popping into a local supermarket, we found a cafΓ© in the town-square and had a drink. Then, after a short walk-round the town, we lunched at McDonalds.

We noticed that boat-trips were available and we got tickets for the 2.30 excursion. It was an excellent experience on the ‘Canal du Midi’ Although it was still a very hot day – 32 degrees, the breeze made it perfect weather for a boat trip. What made it extra fun was that when we got to the first lock, we couldn’t proceed because another boat had sunk in the lock! So we turned round, went back past our start point and through the lock by Carcassonne station. Then we caught a brief view of the Castle, turned round and headed back through the lock for the last time and then the excursion was over.

We ate in the hotel restaurant again and it was packed. We decided to only have a few courses! Main, cheese, wine and coffee. Ann had the lamb, whilst I went for the steak – and we’ve both discovered that soft cheese with honey is GORGEOUS! The meal overall, was once again, excellent.

We went back to our room slightly sozzled, around 9pm.

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