Bank Holiday Weekend at Lee and Bertie’s – Sunday

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We woke late (for us) at 7.45 and were surprised by the weather – the forecast had predicted rain but it was brilliant sunshine!

I took a shower and then had a light breakfast of brioche and jams with coffee.

After breakfast we got ready and that’s when the weather turned, and it started to rain. Expecting it to stay like it, we packed lots of clothes for the trip to Norwich – then the sun came out – and stayed there!

We left just after 10am and drove over to Norwich. It was a smooth journey – only around 40 minutes and parking was a breeze parking in Chapel-Gate. We’d primarily gone to Norwich to pick up Lee’s replacement VCR/DVD combi unit at Argos. The trouble was that her local Argos in Cromer had reserved one at their Norwich store but neglected to tell us which of the two in Norwich! That meant potentially we had to visit both to find out. St Stephens branch was first (as it was near M and S and we were going there anyway) – luckily it was the right one – lucky for another reason too, as we learned that there are actually four Argos stores in the Norwich area, not two! Phew!

It was a good shopping experience and we think we might go there to do our Christmas shopping this year.

We got back about 1.30 and enjoyed a snack lunch of cheese, cold meats, crackers and wine.

samsung-DVD-VCR_unit Around 2, just after lunch, I got down to installing their new Samsung VCR/DVD combi unit. It seems more robust than the one it replaces – and all for less than 80 quid from Argos.

Ann and Lee disappeared to the kitchen to prepare tonight’s meal – sausage surprise aka ‘Toad-in-the-hole’.

3.00pm. The sun is still shining and it was a good opportunity to clean the car. 4.00pm – job done! 

dvd_fullmonty2disk 4.15pm. Now that their DVD unit is working, we settled down to watch ‘The Full Monty‘ – it hardly seems possible it was made 12 years ago! I’d forgotten how funny it was – very black humour though!!!

There’s a good Wiki entry HERE about the film.

Dinner was Toad-in-the Hole with plenty of vegetables and a rather excellent onion gravy created by Ann – perfect!!! We were stuffed and decided to have the home-made fruit crumble later.

Later – yummy!!!

Lee repaired my slip-on leather shoes – again! Ann watched a bit of ‘Zorro’ on Channel 5 and Bertie showed off his new wrist-watch that he bought from Argos.

tv_georgegently We finished off the evening by watching the new BBC series ‘Inspector George Gently‘.

We’re leaving straight after breakfast tomorrow. It’s been a great weekend – chilling out, pigging out and helping out L and B with bits and pieces!

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