Film: 1917

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We drove over to Cineworld at Rushden Lakes to see the recently released flick ‘1917‘ (after having to cancel last Sunday).

Sam Mendes directs and shares writing duties for this World War 1 adventure. It’s based on stories recounted by Sam Mendes’s grandfather — Alfred Mendes — and stars a host of famous faces — Andrew Scott, Daniel Mays, Colin Firth, Mark Strong, Benedict Cumberbatch and Richard Madden.

The story however, pivots around two not-quite-so-well-known faces from the world of movies — Dean-Charles Chapman and George MacKay playing the two central characters. I’ve not ever seen them in anything else, and they’re on-screen most of the time, playing their parts very convincingly.

1917 tells the story of two soldiers with an important message to deliver — a message that could save the lives of 1600 British soldiers in Northern France. And that’s all I’m going to say about this just-under-two-hour slice of excellent entertainment!

What makes the film unique is the way it was shot. The term ‘immersive’ is a bit over-used these days, but under the assured direction of Sam Mendes, the camera work and soundscape make you feel like you are there, experiencing every twist and turn (literally!), of our two heroes!

Boy! was it tense in places!!!! 🥴 🥴 🥴 🥴

To keep the audience engaged, the movie looks like it was all shot in one take giving a very ‘here and now’ live feel to it. Quite how they managed to film it at all, given the camera-unfriendly environment, and in some scenes, the sheer number of cast, is beyond me. If they release a ‘making of’, I’ll be first in the queue!

Go see! The best film I’ve seen in ages
(and I’m a Marvel fan!)

Doctor Who – Series 12, Episode 3 – “Orphan 55”

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First class CGI together with the scariest monsters since the ‘Weeping Angels’, all supported by a plot line that moved at pace! Every actor gave it their all, and the production qualities were akin to a movie. 😊

The Dregs

So, I’m not sure why this episode bored me rigid! I guess it all felt a bit preachy with ‘the big reveal’ message being linked to global warming. It all had the subtlety of a Dalek death-ray, informing us that the future of our planet is all down to us, the viewer. Stop it BBC, we can make up our own minds thanks! 🥱

With no further development of that significant story-arc briefly introduced last week, it meant that this was nothing more than a ‘monster-of-the-week’ story.

Verdict: Scary, but boring and preachy! 🙄

Update, Wednesday, 15th: The numbers are in! Just 4.19m viewers tuned-in for this episode! That’s low! 😯