I’m in the Country – Man!

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We drove over to The Countryman in Staverton village today to meet up with great friends, Ian & Ann. The reason? It had been their golden wedding anniversary this year and by way of celebration, they had organised a series of lunch dates with long-time friends.

As we drew up outside, I had a sneaky suspicion I might have been there before. I should have checked these Blog posts, as a quick search revealed I’d had lunch here with a client way back in December, 2008! I can’t recall what I had for breakfast this morning, but I could remember this Pub from 14 years ago! Weird!

We were soon shown to our table and perusing the menu. It was quiet when we arrived, but it soon filled up – a good sign! Yes, it all seemed very familiar once we got inside, and we learned that it was now under new management (from May of this year) where Darren & Linda are now the new owners. We were soon seated and checking out the Menu.

It all looked very tasty, but as Ann and I are on a self-enforced ‘minimise-the-carbs’ diet at the moment, we did our best to choose wisely.

The food was absolutely delicious and even better than I recall it the first time I visited here. We felt quite smug having resisted the temptation of one of their yummy Desserts! 👍

In just under a very relaxed two hours later, we were all done (and I was ready for my afternoon snooze). No chance of that as we pointed the car in the direction of Kettering. It had been great to catch up with the ‘Golden Couple’ and the Pub had impressed us too!

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