The Wheatsheaf – Again!

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We returned to The Wheatsheaf in Titchmarsh today to meet up with good friends Mick and Jane.

We were last here in January, again with Mick and Jane, and we’d chosen today’s repeated visit for the simple reason that previously, we’d all been mighty impressed with the food and service! 👍

We arrived just a few minutes ahead of our friends and were soon enjoying a drink whilst perusing the menu.

It’s good for you!

We noticed they’d given the menu a makeover since our previous visit (it was already good last time) – the choices were all new and it was now presented as a booklet. Very professional indeed!

They deserved to be a lot busier than they were with food choices like this on offer – but the ‘proof’, as they say, ‘is in the pudding’ (Well, that and the starter and the mains!)

Grilled ‘n’ Minted Lamb Kofta
Vegetable Moroccan Tagine (Based on the flavour, I nearly turned ‘veggy’)

Whilst the rest of our party ended their meal with just TWO Courses, I battled on and ‘took one for the team’…

Marathon Cookie Dough with Butterscotch Sauce, Peanuts, and Vanilla Ice-Cream

It was the supreme sacrifice and I enjoyed every mouthful of it (even though I did order TWO spoons!)

What a great experience (again) in every sense! This place really does deserve to be busier than it was today. Go try it! 👍

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