Gin and Fizz

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It was a walk down to Jo and Janet’s tonight as we’d been invited to one of their legendary ‘Gin & Fizz’ Evenings. With Paul and Karen to accompany us, it was just a short walk to enjoy (for the gin lovers) a range of Gins… and for the gin haters, plenty of Bubbly.

Janet had prepared nibbles (I say ‘nibbles’, but it was more of a full-blown buffet!), whilst Jo acted as Bar-tender offering an imaginative range of Gin Cocktails! This was no casual get-together – it had been planned with military precision!

All yummy! And just as we downed our third, Jo introduced he first game – Guess the Botanicals. On came some tiny coloured glasses containing the mystery liqueurs, but in truth, most of us ‘experienced gin-lovers’ were all mostly rubbish (must have been the effects of the alcohol) except Ann, who, bizarrely (but impressively) as a lifelong Gin hater excelled at guessing the base ingredients!

Well, that was certainly a surprise! And just to balance things up nicely, Ann’s success was complemented by my woeful performance at The Great Gin Challenge requiring the ‘lucky contestant’ to guide the baton through the inside of the words ‘gin’ without setting off the buzzer. I was worse than hopeless, and it was a good job we didn’t follow the consumption rules otherwise Jo would have been out of Gin within the hour! Luckily I’m not a surgeon!! 😁

My fave of the evening was Whitley Neill’s Rhubarb & Ginger creation – consequently, it slipped down a treat!

The evening flew by, and we eventually staggered up the road around 11.30!

A great evening! Cheers Jo and Janet! (hic!) 🤪🤪

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