Highclere Castle

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I’ve always wanted to visit here, not just because it happens to be the set for the Downton Abbey, but simply because it’s a beautiful bit of architecture. It was our gift to Nicki for her forthcoming, (ahem!) ‘significant’ birthday!

Sue J joined us for the journey, arriving at ours just before 8am, whilst Nicki made her own way there from the south. It took us about two-and-a-quarter-hours – all trouble-free.

Since the success of the TV series, visits are on a timed- tour basis and ours was from 10.30 and we arrived just before 10.15 – that’s perfect timing in my book. Nicki arrived a minute or so later!

Unfortunately, it’s a ‘no photo’ policy inside the Hose, but take it from me, it’s worth it and it looked as though anyone could live there – in other words, not overly ostentatious! Rooms were well decorated and a few of them had stills from the filming of Downton Abbey to put the location into context.

After a tour round the main House, it was off to the Egyptian Exhibition – and that was worth the visit alone! Plenty of stuff relating to Tutankhamun, albeit replicas in some cases.

After a swift coffee-break, it was off round the Gardens, that looked spectacular, considering the drought-like temperatures of late….

…plenty to see…

…all in full bloom…

…plus a signpost to a (not so) secret garden!

…an explosion of colours followed that looked really impressive.

We finished our day with a full-on picnic at the back of the car. It was wonderful enjoying each other’s company, in perfect weather.

But all good things…etc and by 2.30 with the food stocks depleted and me on a business call at 5pm at home, we said our goodbyes and headed home. Pity about the journey, back though. The Sat-Nav indicated a major hold up on the A34, so we diverted, adding 12 miles to the journey, but at least we missed out the 12-mile traffic-jam.

We got home around 4.45pm, so just time to say goodbye to Sue and then get ready for my phone-call.

It’s been a fantastic day (even allowing for the traffic) – great friends and great old House too!


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