Swanning in Lamport

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Ian, Mags and I met up for our regular three-monthly catchup at The Lamport Swan tonight. I’d quite forgotten how good the food is here, and tonight didn’t disappoint. The service was spot-on too.

In spite of us keeping in touch, we seemed to have more-than-usual to catch-up with in terms of each others’ news. Mags – planning to move house; Ian – A Polish wedding and a forthcoming trip to Oz and New Zealand, and me with my new found ‘job’ with the Sally Army: computer coaching the good folk of Northamptonshire!

It’s amazing how quickly the time flies when we get together, and in spite of sitting down at 7am, the next time we glanced at our watched, it was 9pm! It had been a gorgeous day weather-wise with wall-to-wall sunshine. And, as I left, although cooler, the evening was just as inviting, and the drive back in the XKR though the back roads of Northamptonshire with the Sun slowly setting, was gorgeous – for a moment, I wished I could have had the top down!

The Lamport Swan
The Lamport Swan

Mags with a Tower of Kebab
The Hanging Kebab of Lamport!

My 'Black and White Pudding' starter
My ‘Black and White Pudding’ starter

Next get together: Tuesday, 29th September in Stratford!

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