Bath Time – Day 6

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Today, Ann and I switched to ‘full tourist mode’. Lee stayed behind to catch-up with daytime TV, whilst we headed for Bath town centre.

After the obligatory visit to M and S for some foody-essentials, we then took a slow stroll around the town taking in the sights. After a pit-stop at Jolly’s department store, we then headed on foot to The Circus and then onto Bath’s most successful tourist magnet, The Royal Crescent.

The Circus

The Royal Crescent

The Royal Crescent looked great – very photogenic – even though today was slightly cloudy. Staying in tourist-mode, we took a visit to Number One, The Royal Crescent – a tasteful renovation of the property back to the Georgian era. Unfortunately, photography was prohibited, but take it from us, it was well worth the visit to get a feel for an authentic interior from all those years ago.

An hour later, with our culture-o-meter registering 11 (the same as our hunger-o-meter), we headed down the hill at some speed in search of somewhere to eat. We eventually discovered Clayton’s Kitchen in George Street a small and busy establishment. There were plenty of choices on the menu and after some indecision, we settled for the two-courser-for-£14. The service was pretty quick and the food punched well above its weight. Packed with flavour (Ann – pollock, me – chicken) and attractively presented, it was probably the best meal so far this holiday!

Suitably stuffed but remaining in tourist-mode, we headed for the Roman Baths. I’ve not seen them before, but Ann had some years ago, with a previous boyfriend. Moving on then!

Inside was just amazing! – immaculately and sensitively restored, it was great to see so much of the original architecture – and watching the steam rising from these natural hot springs was almost surreal.

With our visit over,we left the Baths and popped next door to the Pump Room for a quick nibble. Every time we’ve been here, the place has been packed, and today was no exception. Luckily they found us a table for two nearest the piano player – or should that say UNlucky for us? – as he churned out an interesting medley, mashing-up the Star Wars theme with the Muppet Show theme – weird – but in a crazy kind of way, quite enjoyable!!! Tea, coffee and bath-buns suitably consumed, we headed for the car-park, and back to The Coach House – just as the rain had started to fall heavily. As we wandered back to the car-park entrance, we noticed crowds of people all pointing their camera-phones in the direction of the Abbey – the reason? A fully-formed rainbow!

Rainbow over the Abbey

Tomorrow, we’re finishing off the touristy bit and heading off to the American Museum at Claverton Manor.

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