Bath Time – Day 5

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The Thermae Spa in Bath

Today was another wet day, but for all the RIGHT reasons.

We drove into Bath and headed for the Thermae Spa (after a brief visit to M and S). We came here a few years ago, and just like last time, even for a confirmed NON-swimming-pool addict like me, it was FAB! My main objection swimming-pools is that they always seem so COLD – but not this one, it was wonderfully warm and as you’d expect, full of healthy minerals (rather than the obligatory chlorine). It really was a wonderful experience.

We floated away an hour-or-so as it was one of those experiences that once in, no-one wanted to get out. Ann briefly tried out the steam bath on the roof, but that was a step too far for Lee and for me, and we stayed firmly where we were!

All good things come to an end, and when eventually we decided to call it a day, we headed for the in-house restaurant for a light lunch. As you would expect from such an eating-establishment, everything was geared around healthy eating, but I WAS able to successfully avoid the rather attractively sounding ‘Beet Treat Detoxifier’ and opt for pint of cider instead!

NOT the ‘Beet Treat Detoxifier’

After lunch, a final visit to M and S for a few essential provisions was followed by the short drive back to The Coach House for another lazy evening in.

Tomorrow (weather permitting), we intend to assume full ‘tourist mode’, and take the open-top bus around the city.

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