Bath Time – Day 4

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After yesterday’s downpour which seemed to last most of the afternoon, it was good to see the sun shining today. On today’s itinerary, it’s Tetbury and Cirencester. The day is very much Lee’s, as these two towns are very much ‘old stomping ground’ for her.
Cirencester in the freezing Sun

After the statutory late breakfast, we cruised in Cirencester accompanied by a brilliant blue sky and exceptionally bright sunlight. Appearances can be deceptive especially at this time of year – and especially through the windscreen of a car with the heater on! It was only when we got out, and into the high street, that we discovered how cold it was. Lee warmed herself up instantly by buying-up the content of most of Cirencester’s shops, whilst Ann and I settled for a more traditional warming-up method – a Starbuck’s coffee!

After increasing Cirencester’s shop-wealth by about 50%, we were then back in the car and heading off to Tetbury. Not to let a little thing like buying all the clothes in Cirencester slow her down, Lee then repeated the process in Tetbury too, much to the delight of the local shop-keepers.

Every spend-thrift needs a break, so we stopped off at Tetbury’s well known ‘The Snooty Fox’ for a spot of lunch.
2013-11-19 14.51.35
The Snooty Fox in Tetbury

Ann opted for the fishcakes whilst Lee and I chose the local sausages and mash. The food was all home-made with the sausages all different shapes and sizes (a sure sign of home-made fare) – it was all delicious too!

Exhausted from boosting two local economies, Lee couldn’t manage all of hers, so I was force-fed another two-and-a-half sausages, bringing my total to five-and-a-half!!! Whoosh! there goes the diet!

An hour later, we waddled out of the Pub (well, I did!) and back into the car. We were Coach-House bound, one of us lighter of purse, the other, broader of waistline!

Once home, we settled into our now familiar routine of reading and watching TV. I can’t wait to get home and retirement – today has been exhausting!
Winking smile
Tomorrow, is less energetic – a visit to the Spa in Bath followed by afternoon tea in the Pump-Room.

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