Bath Time – Day 3

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Another lazy breakfast followed by a check on the weather forecast that indicated that unless we managed to buy an ark, the morning was going to be a  better choice than the afternoon for being outside.

So, it was off to Wells and to begin, a visit to its famous Cathedral.
Scenes inside and outside Wells Cathedral

Then, it was a quick lunch in the Cathedral Cafeteria (superb!) before a wander round the local shops looking or the final 0.2% of Christmas pressies to complete our list for 2013 – oh, and it wouldn’t have been right to ignore the numerous pasty shops, so we picked up a couple of ‘cornish’ variants – a standard cornish and a seasonal ‘turkey and cranberry’.

The weather forecast was now coming true and the rain was starting to fall – it was the really fine stuff, the sort you can hardly feel falling, but it soaks you in double-quick time! We decided jump in the car and drive to Glastonbury. On arriving, it took us a while to find the car-park, but once we did, we took the very short walk to the high street wondering what it would be like. Once there, what we thought was surprising, was that every other shop seemed to catering for ‘new-age’ products –  anyone fancy a triple-headed snake statue, a witches cauldron or a book of spells?

By now, the weather had deteriorated into the really ‘heavy’ stuff, and so after a quick hot-chocolate pit-stop (complete with a sign: ‘Hippies, please use side entrance’), we headed back at speed to the car. We got soaked! The journey back was slow because of the weather – and the complete lack of dual-carriageways didn’t help much with the journey time. We arrived back at base just before 3.30 and with the weather still chucking it down, we spent the rest of the day reading, watching TV and catching up with our reading. At last, I’ve managed to finish reading Pat Gilbert’s The Sweeney and I’ve almost finished Adventures with the Wife in Space by Neil Perryman.

We seem to have brought most of the contents of our fridge with us (just in case shops didn’t sell food down here!), so we ate in tonight in a bid to eat it all by the time we travel home on Saturday. I love a foody challenge!

The weather forecast tomorrow is a good one, so we plan to drive to Tetbury and Cirencester and look round.

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