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20131117_100400_Vale View Terrace
The View from the Kitchen

A lazy lie-in this morning! A rare treat meaning we didn’t have breakfast until 9am!! – A unusual event – and wonderful in equal measure!

We’re not sure what to do with ourselves today. It looks cold and foggy outside so that sounds like a perfect day to attempt to finish the Christmas shopping!

And so it came to pass, as we came and passed through the car-park barrier in Bath town centre, that lo, today would be a shopping day! And we ‘dun grate’ with 99.9% of the Christmas pressys now sorted, and me taking the opportunity to ‘exhaust’ my recently acquired M and S gift-card (courtesy of Shirley and Sally). We also had a long and slooooooow wander around the town, and I was surprised how different the place felt, now that the warm weather has disappeared, compared to my trip here a short while ago.

Wandering around Bath

Four hours later, it was back to our holiday home and time to catch-up with last night’s Strictly courtesy of Lee’s new gizmo, BBC iPlayer and the phenomenally high-speed internet connection here!

A serious bit of preparation in the kitchen ensured that our roast beef meal with all the trimmings would be ready on-time. And it was! We slumped into comfy chairs and buried ourselves into our individual Kindles (just what is the collective noun for these?) until it was time for the Strictly results show.

To finish off the evening, Ann and I took the short walk down Batheaston High Street on a voyage of discovery. Newsagents, check, Pub, check, Curry House, check, ‘The Fat Fryer’ (Fish and Chips, geddit?!), check, very narrow pavements, check – err that’s it! We returned to The Coach House twenty minutes later, having fully ‘discovered’ Batheaston!

Weather permitting, (the forecast for the afternoon is torrential rain) tomorrow we’re of to the town of Wells including a visit to the Cathedral.

Any comments?