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It’s our final day in Bath today – and ironically, the brightest, sunniest and warmest day of our break so far!

Our plan was to cover a few more sights, including the American Museum at Claverton Manor and Castle Combe, but things didn’t quite work out that way! First of all, we drove all the way to the American Museum only to find the place closed for no apparent reason. OK, no problem, we thought, we’ll move onto Castle Combe. Having parked the car in the designated parking area, we found it was still quite a walk (especially for Lee) to actually get into the village. I  retrieved the car, picked-up Ann and Lee and then we ended up driving through the village rather than walking through it! – a bit of a disappointment all round and I’m sure we missed some of its delights being in the car.

Next stop was Chippenham. We took a short walk around the shopping area then grabbed a coffee before heading back to the car – a bit uneventful. We decided to revise our plans for the rest of the day by finding somewhere for lunch and then head back to The Coach House to begin the packing process. Our eatery of choice was The Bathampton Mill we haven’t been there since our weekend with Ralph and Karen back in May 2007, and the food and service was just as we remembered it – great!
20131122_142721_Mill Ln
Bathampton Mill

Suitably stuffed, we headed back to base, chilled-out and then started packing.

It’s been a great break, although the weather could have been a little kinder – but I guess that’s the risk of taking a break as late as we did in November!

So it’s ‘Bye-bye to Bath’ – weather and traffic permitting, we should be home by lunchtime tomorrow.

Any comments?