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A lazzzzzy day!

The weather was indifferent, so we had a leisurely breakfast and then read the papers and chatted.

That took us up to lunchtime. The sun came out (sort of!) and so we took advantage of the situation and had a light salad lunch in the garden.

2.45pm: Then, it was off to Kirby Hall to look round the place – we haven’t been there since August 2008 with Nick and Celina.
Kirby Hall

Info about Kirby Hall

Kirby Hall

Kirby Hall
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To finish off the day we headed for our favourite Indian restaurant – Mazza’s  Mazza's

We arrived just before 7.15 and the place was already heaving. The service was pretty brisk and although we haven’t been there since ???, a couple of the waiters recognised. They’d done as we asked and got us a table near the door (so it was easier for Mel)

We bypassed the starters and headed straight for the mains. My chicken was delicious, but Ann felt her meal could have been a lot hotter. As always with Indian meals, we couldn’t manage it all and by 9pm we were stuffed. Johnny and Mel settled the bill (thanks guys!!!) and we headed back to ours to curl-up and watch a movie on DVD.

DVD - Green Zone10.00pm: We chose ‘Green Zone’, starring Matt Damon. The DVD cover was full of praises for the film – ‘Bourne Goes Epic’ – referring to the Bourne films that he’d also starred in. Although Green Zone was a good film in itself, with plenty of action scenes, I didn’t think it quite reached the standards of those Bourne movies.
four star

Midnight: We finally got to bed!

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