Valentine Meal 2020 ❣

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The Attic Restaurant, Lutterworth

It’s Valentine’s Day!! Usually, either I cook the meal, Ann cooks the meal, or we share cooking duties with David and Valerie and get together as a foursome.

So, with cards, flowers and gifts on display, by way of a change for this special day, the four of us left our kitchens behind and headed off to The Attic Restaurant in Lutterworth for lunch! 😁. David and Valerie had already eaten there on more than a few occasions, so we knew we were in for a treat!

Apart from the howling gale in the car-park, it turned out to be a very enjoyable experience. The service was spot-on, and the food delicious! We were seated with a great view across the Golf Course and looking at the weather conditions, we agreed we were definitely in the better place! It was still blowing a gale outside and it looked pretty cold too judging by the number of beanies being worn by the brave golfers!! 😮

The Menu impressed us! I opted for the Butternut Squash & Sweet Potato Soup followed by the Braised Short Rib of Beef (definitely melt-in-the-mouth!)

Whilst Ann and David managed to muster-up the necessary will-power, Valerie and I succumbed to the temptation of a Pud (just!) – in the shape of White Chocolate and Cranberry Bread & Butter Pudding.

Two hours later, all that was left to do was pay the bill, head home and try not to fall asleep during the journey! 🥱 We just caught the school traffic as we got nearer to base, but were home just after 3.30pm.

A great restaurant experience! 😊

Happy Valentine’s Day!
❤️ 💚 🧡 💙

Valentine Meal (2019)

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Happy Valentine’s Day! 😁
Unusually, we’re a day late this year celebrating Valentine’s Day – an ageing father-in-law and a poorly sister-in-law were the focus of our attention on the actual day. Another change this year was a bit of role-reversal! 😁 The girls (Ann and Valerie) did all the hard work and created a Valentine’s meal for David and I! And what a menu…
Valentine Menu 2019
Valentine Menu 2019
The Table’s ready!
Out came the food….

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..and what a fantastic meal it turned out to be. The combined cheffing-talents of our better-halves (according to my taste-buds anyway) made it even better than restaurant standard! Yummy! What no red roses this year? Well, no, actually! As Ann and I are travelling to Australia in a few days, buying Ann a whole bunch of red-roses would have been a bit of a waste*, so I did the next best thing…  *by mutual agreement! 😊 Instead, to complete the romantic theme, I gave Ann one Valentine’s Card for every year we’ve been married, a single rose, a cuddly bear, a couple of Valentine glasses ..and to complete the evening, we chose a movie from Sky,Roman J Israel Esq starring Denzel Washington, but we gave up on it after 15 minutes – it just didn’t grab us! Instead, we reverted back to (almost) live TV and the latest episode of Granchester! By 10.15 we were all ‘Valentined-out’ and we called it a night. What an evening! Great food with great friends! Nighty-night!

Valentines’ Day 2018

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I have a good record of making this day special – normally including a home-cooked meal too! In recent years, I’ve collaborated with David and we’ve made it a joint event for our two special ladies rolling-in a romantic movie courtesy of Mr Sky.

However, this year was different – as Lent started on the 14th (Bugger!) and David and Valerie were away on a Cruise – so, we dialled-down the event and had a homemade curry on the 13th instead.

Still managed to come up with some interesting cards though…

…and of course some red roses too!

I also lapsed into a bit of poetry!

Valentine Meal 2017

Reading time: < 1 minute...David and I got together to cook up a special Valentine Meal for our other halves – albeit, not on Valentine’s Day itself. We’d done the planning and the shopping on Wednesday, so all that was left to do, was the cooking itself. No ready-meals here – and we actually visited a REAL Butcher too! Valentine Meal 2017 I popped over to David’s at around 5pm and we did most of the preparation there – and by 6.30, we were almost ready. Preparation: Eggs en Cocotte Preparation: Braised Beef Short Ribs Nearly there! Three hours later… et Voilà! Fair to say that Dessert went down well too! Well, there weren’t any left-overs (so that’s a good sign!) and we finished off the evening with a Movie: this year it was the original ‘Sabrina’ from 1954 starring Audrey Hepburn, Humphrey Bogart and William Holden. David had thoughtfully picked up a couple of appropriate mugs for tea too! A great evening! SmileRed heart

Valentine’s Meal 2016

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David and I donned our whites (red in my case!) and cooked the girls (Ann and Valerie) a special Valentine meal tonight. We’d dropped into Mr Tesco the day before and sourced the majority of the raw ingredients, carefully trying NOT to compromise my Lent List for this year! Lee joined us, but with a variation on a theme.

Prep started at 2 o’clock over at David’s where I prepared the Starter and Dessert…

Chicken and Mushrooms in a Sherry Sauce – with fresh Thyme

Valentine Fruit Surprise* (Strawberry Jam base with Blueberries and Banana folded into Vanilla Yoghurt)

…whilst David concentrated on the Main. By 3pm, we’d done as much as we could…

Ready for the Oven – Pot-Roast Beef with Prunes and Bacon in Red Wine …we even had time to lay the table…

Table Sorted!

Valentine Meal 2016 The Valentine Menu for 2016 (click on it for a larger view)

We decided to eat Dessert – Valentine Fruit Surprise* – round at ours, and the five of us finished the evening with a Film – the choice was put to the vote, but strangely, ‘Fast and Furious 7’ didn’t do so well!


Dessert - Valentine's 2016 Valentine Fruit Surprise*

Democracy won-out and we watched: ‘Some Like it Hot’

five star Although it wasn’t technically Valentine’s Day for another two hours, I couldn’t resist the temptation of giving Ann her flowers!

Valentine Flowers 2016

*and the surprise was that Dessert came with these…

…a bit corny, but for those allowed chocolate, they were more tasty than the real thing!! Smile