Valentine’s Meal 2016

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David and I donned our whites (red in my case!) and cooked the girls (Ann and Valerie) a special Valentine meal tonight. We’d dropped into Mr Tesco the day before and sourced the majority of the raw ingredients, carefully trying NOT to compromise my Lent List for this year! Lee joined us, but with a variation on a theme.

Prep started at 2 o’clock over at David’s where I prepared the Starter and Dessert…

Chicken and Mushrooms in a Sherry Sauce – with fresh Thyme

Valentine Fruit Surprise* (Strawberry Jam base with Blueberries and Banana folded into Vanilla Yoghurt)

…whilst David concentrated on the Main. By 3pm, we’d done as much as we could…

Ready for the Oven – Pot-Roast Beef with Prunes and Bacon in Red Wine

…we even had time to lay the table…

Table Sorted!

Valentine Meal 2016
The Valentine Menu for 2016 (click on it for a larger view)

We decided to eat Dessert – Valentine Fruit Surprise* – round at ours, and the five of us finished the evening with a Film – the choice was put to the vote, but strangely, ‘Fast and Furious 7’ didn’t do so well!


Dessert - Valentine's 2016
Valentine Fruit Surprise*

Democracy won-out and we watched: ‘Some Like it Hot’

five star
Although it wasn’t technically Valentine’s Day for another two hours, I couldn’t resist the temptation of giving Ann her flowers!

Valentine Flowers 2016

*and the surprise was that Dessert came with these…

…a bit corny, but for those allowed chocolate, they were more tasty than the real thing!!

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