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A return to the Red Lion in Cranford today. It’s right on our doorstep and the only reason we’ve not been there more often is that it’s a tad pricey. Still, it was good to catch-up with long-time mates Mick & Jane. The last time we were here was with Nicki back in July, last year.

Now that I’m back in the driving seat (literally) it was another opportunity this week to test the flexibility of my left hand. I don’t think I’m ‘quite there’ yet as my wrist still aches a little if there’s any unexpected movement of my left hand, but it’s all beginning to feel a lot better.

We arrived for 1.15 table pretty-much bang on time. It’s always been a popular place for lunch and was already busy when we got there.

Their ‘Dine for Less’ option got our attention – these days, two courses for just Β£25.95 sounded like good value (especially for this place) and we’d soon placed our order with the very attentive waiting team.

Actually, the food tasted as good as it looked, and I was so engrossed in the eating part I forgot to take a photo of my main course – their homemade pie! It was great catching up with M&J – they’d just returned from a cycling holiday in India (as you do!) and where today was a postponement from last year’s ‘Christmas meet-up. No, it wasn’t rescheduled because of my hand injury, but due to the very wet weather on the day, where we were worried about the venue – the Falcon in Fotheringhay, and its proximity to the oft-overflowing River Nene!) 😬😬

All-in-all then, a great eatery experience – brilliant food, well-presented and very good service – with our nattering time cut just a little short. This was down to a 3.30pm meeting of Trustees for the Rothwell Preservation Trust meaning we had to leave sooner than we would have liked.

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