First Visit: Arrow Mill, Alcester

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Off for one of our semi-regular get-togethers with Ian & Ann and Alan & Mags at the Arrow Mill in Alcester.

The Arrow Mill, Alcester

Located west of Stratford-upon-Avon, just off the A46, it was our first visit to this rather posh-looking Pub/Restaurant (with Rooms too!). It took us a while to get there though! It may have been only around 65 miles, but a detour around Coventry meant that the journey seemed to go on forever – and we arrived at around 12.25pm (for 12.30!) having taken closer to 90 minutes to get there.

Some of our other gastronomic ‘first visits’

It was surely a good sign that even on a TUESDAY, the car-park was already pretty busy! It certainly looked like a popular lunch destination (which was evident when we were shown to our table – the restaurant was already 90% full!). πŸ‘

It was also one of best decorated lunch-venues we’ve been to in a long while.

It sported an impressive menu, too!

Yes, a really good ‘first visit’ – quality decor, an imaginative menu and yummy food! If we had one criticism, it would be that they were a victim of their own success today! They were so busy, the kitchen was struggling to keep up, which meant the service, at times, was a bit slow.

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