Dead Centre!

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Maybe not everyone’s idea of fun on a Sunday morning, but here we are at Kettering Cemetery in London Road! Fortunately, it’s not for the reasons you might imagine! 👍

We’re actually here as part of our semi-regular ‘Sunday Hosted Walks’ courtesy of Friends of Kettering Art Gallery & Museum!

‘Tour Leader’ today was David Brown and turnout was impressive – almost 40 0f us. We split into three separate groups: David B’s, Bernadette’s and (another) David’s and we were off, heading for the dead centre.

First learning point? This Cemetery is split down the middle between conscecrated and unconsecrated ground. The rich(er) in the former, whilst the rest in the latter. We began in Bernadette’s group and we were soon soaking-up bucket fulls of information about local people and their back-story. A great start and we were all totally engaged! However, on the downside, I don’t make a habit of visiting these sort of places, but in my limited experience, London Road was the untidiest and least well-kept of those I’ve seen. So many weeds and untrimmed/unmowed grass together with a high proportion of the headstones in very poor condition.

Not surprisingly, two of Kettering’s local heroes are buried here – Charles Wicksteed and Alfred East and we were given a very detailed background to their history and their good deeds for Kettering.

Well, that was all REALLY interesting! Grave numbers, plot numbers, unmarked graves to well-known locals plus the two ‘big’ ones gave us a much broader understanding of ‘good old Kettering’. Unfortunately, we didn’t get round to enjoy David (2)’s tour as both Bernadette’s and David Brown’s over-ran. We’ve lived in Kettering for over 20 years and today filled our heads with 100% new information that we didn’t know.

Thanks David and his team!!!!

Next stop was was for the living – lunch at nearby Café Oak in Geddington with Jo and Janet. A first visit for me and it didn’t disappoint! A menu full of homemade dishes with seating for around 20 inside and slightly fewer outside. We arrived just before 1pm and it was already very busy. 👍

Run by husband and wife tea, Bernie and Sharon Hamilton, service was brisk and very courteous. Jo and Janet settled for the Sunday Roast whilst I tucked in to their homemade Burger. Janet and I squeezed in a pudding – homemade Cherry Pie with (hot) Custard). Portions were generous (and scalding hot too!!!)

Top marks all round – and if you fancy a visit, I’d say, make sure you book as they were turning people away by the time we left! Surely a good sign!!!! A really good value meal with enough choice to satisfy anyone. Worth a visit if you’re this way and you fancy a quick nibble of quality homemade fare at a very reasonable price. You can email them HERE! 😉

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