Holiday: Return to Oz – Day 8 (of 18): Lazy Morning and a Liquid Lunch

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Tuesday the 26th.

08.00am: Greetings Wombats! 😜 Wow! That’s what I call a sleep – it must have been all the stress yesterday! After Monday’s tyre tantrum, today we’re keeping it local, and we’re not going anywhere unless there’s a tyre shop within view! 😁

Oh, and if there’s also a Restaurant nearby with some wine, that would be perfect!!

Well, one-out-of-two isn’t bad, so we’re heading for Josef Chromy’s restaurant for lunch. He may not know a ‘225/65R17′ from a ‘225/55R19′ but that’s OK, as in addition to his well-known eatery, he owns a vineyard out here too! 🍇 🍇 🍇 🍇 🍇

I spent the morning catching-up with my reading – two more magazines finished, but still a few more to get through! (plus a history sheet about Longford).


Midday: So, after a very lazy morning, we took the short drive in the direction of Lunch.

12.25pm: On the way there, we stopped off at the quaint town of Evandale. – population 1345 (+2!). It’s a classified historic town and many of its buildings remain largely in their original condition. It’s well-known for its annual penny-farthing race.

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We dropped in the local shop to pick us some food for tonight and then headed back to the car, and the journey to the Restaurant.

12.45pm: On arrival, the view from the car-park certainly didn’t disappoint! The vineyards went on forever (far wider than the photo shows).

The Vineyards at Josef Chromy’s restaurant, Tasmania

After some brief difficulty locating the actual Restaurant itself…


12.55pm: …we were soon inside and being shown to our Table.


It was already pretty busy when we arrived but they found us a nice table-for-two away from the masses. The menu had a lot to offer and whilst Ann favoured the fish (No Pollocks here, instead some tasty Bluefin Trevally), I flew the flag for the carnivores…

Starter – Pork Belly
Mains – Tasmanian Lamb
…and the obligatory Chips!

And it would have been rude not try some of their wines wouldn’t it?? So we settled for half-carafe of their own Gewürztraminer.

2.05pm: The locals obviously eat early over here because by the time we were considering Dessert, the place was now a lot emptier. Unusually for us, we couldn’t fit in Desserts, so we polished off the remaining wine and paid our bill.

All-in-all, it had been a fantastic experience all-round. Not only was the food and wine spot-on, the Service was well above the norm. 👍👍

2.25pm: We headed back to the B&B, topped the hire-car up with petrol (checked the tyres!) and spent the rest of the day chilling by the pool! 😎

We check-out tomorrow first thing tomorrow, and after a short flight, our next stop is the mighty Sydney. See you on the other side! ✈

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