House Call – 1

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Nicki joined us for the weekend, but with the weather looking pretty unpleasant, we weren’t quite sure what to do with ourselves.

So, Ann picked up Lee and they arrived back home around the same time as Nicki. We spent a couple of hours catching-up (and handing over Nicki’s birthday presents) before sitting down to  lunch.

After lunch, it brightened up a bit, so we  decided to head for our nearest ‘posh house’… and that’s  Boughton House! It’s only open in August and we quite liked the look of it when we went there for the open-air cinema a few weeks back. We weren’t to be disappointed – and the official guided-tour really helped us understand the complexity (and the wealth!) associated with the building. It was windy though! and our quick walk around the grounds was extremely quick!

Unfortunately, because the house is also a home, we weren’t allowed to take any photos inside, but take it from us, it’s worth visiting!

By the end, we were exhausted, so we headed home and settled down with a cuppa. For the rest of the evening, we took it easy. I dropped Lee home and the three of us then settled down to watch Suffragette on Sky Cinema.

A great day with more culture tomorrow – breakfast at The Crown Hotel in Stamford followed by a visit to Burghley House.

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