Holiday in Sweden – Day 6 (Returning to Denmark)

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We said goodbye to Sweden and caught the train to Helsingborg. This was us acting spontaneously as promised yesterday! What we did was instead of taking the reverse of the journey we took when we first arrived on Monday, we got off about two thirds of the rail journey back towards Malmo and became foot-passengers on the Helsingborg-Helsingor Ferry (all for just £3 each!). This is the main Ferry that links Sweden with Denmark and only takes about 20 minutes.

Once in Helsingor, we bought another rail ticket to get us to Copenhagen. Not only was this more fun and more scenic – it was quicker too, saving us, we think about an hour or more, compared to the original route we’d planned.

Scenes taken from the Ferry

After a trouble-free rail trip on the final leg to Copenhagen, we arrived at the station bang on time – 2.10pm. Then, it was just a question of finding the hotel. After looking at the map, we realised even with our new ‘walk everywhere’ campaign, it was just too far on foot. We grabbed a cab and we were soon checking-in to room 105 – our home for the next four days.

Room 105, Avenue Hotel

After a quick change of clothes, we decided to look for somewhere to eat and somewhere t explore. After studying the map, we took the short walk to the nearest Metro station – ‘Forum’ and jumped off two stops later in Kongens Nytorv and took the short stroll into Nyhavn (‘new harbour’), where there was the err, Harbour – and gazillions of places to eat. We settled down in one of the smaller restaurants right next to the Canal and studied the menu. Prices, as you’d expect were sky-high, but it was great sitting outside soaking up the warm sun and watching the Danes going about their business. The whole place reminded us of another country – Holland!

Enjoying the sights, sounds and tastes of Nyhavn

Time was marching on and we wanted to make the best of today’s weather (the forecast tomorrow is a bit cooler), so we slipped into ‘full-tourist-mode’ and took a open-boat tour round the town. The whole tour lasted an hour and it gave us a good sense of the size of Copenhagen and how it’s laid out. Some cracking views too!

Scenes around the Waterways of Copenhagen

It was a great guided-tour, but it was now getting very hot – we noticed it more once we’d lost the breeze from the boat-tour. Rather than walk all the way back to the Hotel, we grabbed the Metro and experienced Denmark during rush-hour – luckily, we were just two stops up the line before we needed to get off.

A quick walk from the Metro and we were soon back at the Hotel – knackered!

More sight-seeing tomorrow!

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