Holiday in Denmark – Day 7 (More Sightseeing)

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Today’s Blog is brought to you by the colour ‘grey’ and the number ‘5’. We certainly saw a contrast in the weather here today – it’s been threatening to rain all day and the sky has been mostly a yukky grey/blue colour. It’s been cold too – a real gust blowing all day, especially close to the water! Brrrr! 


However, in spite of that being the perfect excuse to grab a cab, we walked EVERYWHERE today – we reckon at least 5 miles in total – and that’s 6 more than we normally walk!!!
Open-mouthed smile

First stop was the Botanical Gardens here in Copenhagen.

A Yukky Day at the Botanical Gardens

Actually, it was all rather disappointing – the main building seemed to be closed for renovation, whilst the gardens looked in need of some desperate attention in the shape of some serious weeding and general grooming. All-in-all, it looked very unloved.

Then it was onto Rosenborg Slot (Rosenborg Castle). A quaint old place (built in 1606), home to royalty and hence the two soldiers outside guarding the Danish Royal Crown Jewels

Scenes from inside the Castle

A Selection of The Royal Crown Jewels

The Castle as seen from the Gardens

This was a really great place to visit – lots to see and all nicely presented.

Next up, it was Marmorkirken (the Marble Church). Splendid on the outside – simpler on the inside


Some perfect timing followed as we drifted out of the Church and towards the Royal Palace – Amalienborg Slot, a few doors down and the daily Changing of the Guard. Not quite as visually splendid as the UK version, but it certainly attracted the crowds!

With the ‘change’ over, the crowds dispersed and we headed for the Royal Palace and and exhibition about the Danish Royal Family.

Another great exhibition, with plenty of information about the monarchy here – it was easy to see the similarities between here and home.

Final stop of the day was a bit of retail therapy (and an easy way to avoid the showers!) – a visit to Magasin du Nord – the Harrods of Denmark and a wander round the home department to look for ideas for our Dining Room revamp.

With our head full of good ideas and a quick coffee inside us, we then headed back to the hotel. By now, the weather was getting worse. Battling the elements of ‘proper’ rain and the now familiar gusty Danish wind, we yomped all the way back to the hotel for a well deserved ‘feet-up’ and a drink!

That’s it for today – we’re all cultured out. The weather forecast for tomorrow looks pretty yukky (colder and wetter than today), so we’re undecided as to what we’ll do for our second full-day in Copenhagen.

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