‘History Live!’ at Kelmarsh Hall

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With cracking good weather promised, we decided to take the short drive to where we got married – Kelmarsh Hall – to see English Heritage’s annual Historical event.

Now renamed ‘History Live!’ it promised all the good stuff we’d seen in previous years, so we knew we were in for a treat.

As things turned out, the weather never really moved on from ‘cloudy’ and when we got there, there was nowhere near the number of spectators compared with previous years. OK, we arrived quite early – about 11am – but we did expect to see the car-park a lot fuller. For those of us that did attend, the organisers seemed to be struggling to engage with us. Even the traditional jousting event didn’t raise the normal ‘cheers’ and ‘boos’ that it normally does when the Knights ride into the arena. We felt really sorry for the guy compering it – talk about a half-asleep audience!!!

What little we did see was great! In addition to the jousting – a few re-enactments of famous battles with folk dressed-up in period clothes (as you’d expect) taking it all very (very) seriously, but there didn’t even seem to be the number of exhibits and events compared to previous years, which made it all feel a bit, err, ‘tired’. It was a real shame as I know EH will have put a lot of energy into getting the whole thing organised.

Maybe next year will be better supported?

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