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Ann’s WORK phone looked like something out from the dark-ages that had also been run over by a steam-roller. In a previous life it appeared to have spent most of its day throwing itself against a brick wall, judging by the amount of dents and scrapes on it. Add to that, it was a standard yukky grey colour. Enough already! it was time to put it out of its misery – or in a drawer somewhere without its charger!







In contrast, her personal phone is a thing of beauty – a  Nokia 6500 Classic, in limited edition pink – and after two years ownership, not a mark on it. I wondered if I might be able to locate the same model on eBay. Even better, if I could find one in a sort of non-conformist limited edition colour, that would be brilliant!

Nokia 6500 classiccin black

Success!!! – A limited edition design in piano black, more than £150 new, SIM-free, if you shop around on the ‘net, but just £85, courtesy of a successful search on eBay.

Mission accomplished!

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