Fish and Chips

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Paul, Karen, Tom and Julie came round tonight for a fish-and-chip supper. It was good to catch up with them – it feels like we haven’t got together for ages.

We had a great time – the food and conversation was brilliant – amazing how something as simple and fish-and-chips can go down so well. Mind you, the wine and beer probably helped a little!!!

We chatted and chatted and by the time we’d ploughed through dessert – a rather excellent fruit pavlova, and multiple cheese-boards, it got late – very late for us – almost 12.45am!!!

Lee had kept on top of the washing-up, so the kitchen wasn’t the bomb-site it might have been if she hadn’t been there – thanks Lee, you’re a star!

We all looked a little tired, said our good-byes and headed for bed – that’s the latest we’ve been for ages.

Perfect then!!!!!

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