Posh Houses and Foxton Locks

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I took the train down to London today – Gloucester Road area to be more precise – to help out Val H with her computer. Wow! it’s posh round there! I counted THREE Bentleys and TWO Maseratis parked in the street between the Tube station and my five minute walk to Val’s flat – hmmmm nice!

Then, it was back on the train home to get ready to meet up with Paul and Sue for our evening out. This time, we’ve decided to try Foxton Locks. Sue and Paul picked us up at 7.30 and we arrived just before 8.

Wish I'd had my camera!

We’d not been there before and wasn’t sure what to expect. Well, the view of the stacked locks was just amazing – and a real pity I didn’t have my camera with me. The whole place was visually stunning and on a warm Summer evening, it felt just perfect.

The Pub/Restaurant was already very busy, but Sue had got us a table outside facing the water – another brilliant view.

Although the food was OK, I was expecting it to be a bit better. I think I’d been seduced by the stunning scenery and the food was just a bit of let-down – perfectly edible, just a bit dull choice-wise and well, a bit ‘ordinary’. I think if the service had been a bit sharper too, my overall experience might have been a bit more favourable, but after about 9pm when the place started to empty, we seemed to get forgotten about and had to chase the dessert menu…and chase the bill too!

I’m not sure I liked the idea of the waiter who was cleaning a table using the water from an ice-bucket either.

Fussy, that’s me!

We drove back to ours for a quick coffee and then said our goodbyes. By the time we got to bed, it was nearly midnight, and that’s very late for us on a weekday – good job it’s Saturday tomorrow!!!

It’s been good to catch-up with Paul and Sue – our turn to drive and pick a restaurant next time.

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