New Year’s Day – St Lucia

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We slept in slightly later – but we were up at 7.30 mainly due to the noise of the Ship docking. I then spent an hour-or-so ringing round wishing happy new year to those that were up-and-about.

A lazy day is planned. I’ve picked up a sore throat from somewhere (probably the smoke from all those cigar-smoking women in the Tropical Bar last night!), so I’m taking it easy today.
We’ve also started to pack in preparation for disembarkation tomorrow – it didn’t take very long and we’re now well-sorted!

Weather-wise, it’s been a strange day. We popped up on deck just before lunch to find is pouring with rain. I retreated to the Piano Lounge whilst Ann braved the elements!

We had our last full lunch in the restaurant and then I settled in the room to catch-up with my reading, whilst Ann went up on deck to soak up the little amount of sun that was shining.

The Royal Clipper in full sail off the isalnd of St Lucia...

4.45pm. A rare opportunity – The Captain is arranging for a Tender to take a group of us photographers out from the Ship and then photograph it in full sail – brilliant!!!

The Sun goes down in Soufriere, St Lucia...

5.45pm. Just time for a drink at the Tropical Bar and to watch the Sun go down on our last day on board – Ann took the photo above. It’s been a unique and very enjoyable experience!

6.00pm. We got ready for our final evening meal on-board – we’ll be disembarking tomorrow morning after breakfast. Karen didn’t feel too well with her cold and so chose not to join us for the meal. I wasn’t feeling brilliant either

7.00pm. Oh dear, the sea conditions have turned nasty..and even the salty-young-sea-dog of a wine-waitress was looking green around the gills!!! We ate little and quickly and then attempted to get back to our cabin….boy is it rough! Cutlery took on a life of its own and slid noisily across the restaurant floor whilst various guests returned to their room!

9.00pm. Conditions didn’t seem to get any better even by the time we returned to our room. That’s when we learned that all our cases had to be put outside the room before we went to bed! Trying to pack, whilst wrestling with the forces of nature was an interesting challenge.

With the curtains at 30 degrees to the windows and Hughie being the most popular name for babies born during the passage back to Barbados, this has definitely been a journey to remember…!

9.30pm. Time for the uphill journey (literally) from one side of our cabin to the bed…

Boy..the Ship is very rocky!!!! Hope we get some sleep!

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