Japan Holiday – Day 7

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  We had a lay-in, before pigging out on the excellent breakfast a little later and then heading off to Kyoto station for Osaka (the second largest city in Japan). We took the subway to the waterfront area to visit the well known Aquarium and when we got there, it looked like the rest of Japan had decided on the same idea! Full of sprogs and doting parents, all prepared to visit en-masse at full volume.

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What a fascinating place! It contained not just fish, but dolphins, seals, sharks and penguins too! As the Japs eat an amazing amount of fish, at least the exhibits were ‘off the menu’. After the Aquarium, we had a non-fish lunch at the Tampozan Market Place – KFC!!

The heat and humidity were rising, so after a brief pit-stop back at the massive Hanshin department store, we headed back for the bullet train. 14 mins later,and we were back at Kyoto station.  

Just time to re-charge the batteries and then off to the Trattoria Sette, the Italian restaurant in the hotel again to sample their menu. Another excellent meal, but their definition of antipasto was an interesting variation – 100% vegetable!

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