Burghley House with Ian and Ann

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We had antipasti for lunch and then drove over to Burghley House. The drive there was very pleasant and the weather was gorgeous – 24 degrees. When we got there, the car-park was packed but after a couple of drive-rounds, we secured a space.

IMGA0013 It was great to return to Burghley – we haven’t been since June 2007 when we went there with Nick and Celina. We had a good look round the house, and I’d quite forgotten how stunning the interiors are! After the visit to the inside of the House, we took a ‘pit-stop’ and sat outside the Tea-Room with our pots of earl-grey tea. Gosh, the weather was hot!!!

IMGA0026 Given the gorgeous weather, the main attraction was the garden area – the ‘Surprise Garden’ – full of kids enjoying the water features. The garden also contains some interesting ‘constructions’ based around the theme of IMGA0027water and the elements. We then had a quick look round the ‘Sculpture Garden’ and (Ian’s) Ann spent some extra time taking more photos there. 

IMGA0030Time flew and we must have spent all-in-all a couple of hours there .

We had a good journey back to and on returning, settled in the garden reading the newspapers, watching the cats catch butterflies and chatting about this that. 

Ann started to prepare the evening meal and at 7pm on the dot, we were ready to eat – another Italian masterpiece – Lasagne and Salad, followed by home-made Panacotta and then a humungous cheese-board – all washed down with some wine and soft drinks. We initially decided to eat outside as it was still quite warm. However, by the time we got to the cheese course, it had turned a bit chilly, so we headed indoors.

Ian and Ann left just after 9, just as it was getting dark. It was great catching-up with them both – a perfect day! 

Good food + good friends + good weather = a perfect combination!

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