Day 1: Holiday with Karen and Ralph

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We left the UK where it was pouring with rain (much like it’s done for most of the week!).

Probably the biggest disappointment was realising that there had been some confusion between Ralph and Karen and us – they

thought we were travelling NEXT weekend!

So, embarrassment all round and no way to reschedule it to the following week. ): So, they weren’t able to join us – a major disappointment.

Ann was obviously in a state of shock having been the main organiser. After much consideration, we put it down to don’t-know-what-happened!

Unusually, we nearly missed our flight because of the confusing announcements. However, once on board it was a short flight (one-and-three-quarter hours) and we were at Toulouse Airport. We landed around 4.45. The weather? Dry! and a comfy 20-23 degrees C.

Ralph had rung ahead to adjust the car-hire and after a bit of discussion, we bagged a C4 Picasso. It’s got paddle-shift, sat-nav, air-con and really comfy seats.

After about an hour’s drive we arrived at ‘Manoir St-Jean’ in Moissac, our first accommodation of the holiday. It’s a smallish 3* type hotel.

It’s a nice room – quite large, with everything we need (except a good mobile signal!) We ate in the restaurant and opted for the 38 Franc menu. Ann went for fish, whilst I opted for the pork. The food was superb – typically French – full of flavour and cooked to perfection. We left the restaurant around 10pm.

From a crappy start, it turned out to be a good day.

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