Mini-Break: Edinburgh, Day 3

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We woke up to a very rainy day.

After breakfast, we headed out in the pouring rain and took a longish walk to Holyrood – home of the Scottish Parliament. We couldn't get access to much, but we did take a look round the 'Queen's Gallery' that was full of some lovely pictures.

We the walked up to 'The Witchery' near the Castle, where we'd pre-booked lunch. We shared a great steak!

After lunch we headed for the Scottish National Gallery for a quick look round.

3pm. Then, after a bit of shopping, we headed back to the Apartment for an afternoon nap.

Tonight we saw Ed Byrne and Jason Byrne at the 'Assembly' as part our Fringe experience. A very posh venue, looked like part of the University complex and it was packed!! Certainly the largest venue we've been to so far this trip.

Jason Byrne – By the initial cheer from the audience, it was clear Jason had a loyal crowd in! Ultra energetic and he got the audience involved early on – The Paramedics, the 6ft 2 17 year old and guy who (foolishly) decided to get up and go to the loo half way through the act and finally the girl who arrived slightly late all provided material for Jason's manic style. There was a lot of swearing, but I guess that's the norm. A good mix of observational and visual humour. He managed to be racist about the Scots too…and he got way with it! He had the audience in stitches by the end.

Ed Byrne – More of a 'thinking' style than Jason. More a slow-burner in terms of his delivery style, with minimal audience involvement/participation. Out of the two tonight, He was my preference, but all-in-all, we enjoyed both.

The show finished around 11.15 and Ann was hungry, so we dropped into 'Bella-Italia' in town for a Pizza.

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