Holiday Day 2 – Toronto

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We both woke up at 3am again. Strange…even when you take the time difference into account.

So, time for more reading. I’m now about half-way through ‘Changeling’. What a troubled life Mike Oldfield had as a kid! Mum sectioned as well as being an alcoholic, no friends at school and not many out-of-school either!

6.15 Time to try out the pool and hot-tub – excellent!

This hotel is great. The Maid even fills up your dishwasher and switches it on!

After a leisurely breakfast, we took a short walk to the ‘Ice-Hockey Museum’ and then after a bit more walking stumbled into the harbour. Although it’s very warm, it’s not quite as humid, which made the walking easier!

We stumbled across the ferry that goes to the islands, so we hopped aboard. Ten minutes later we were on Central Island, a beautiful lush-green island We took a short walk to one end and got a great view of Lake Ontario.

We walked back to the ferry for the return trip and once landed walked to the famous CN Tower. It’s the tallest building in the world (we think) and it’s got a revolving restaurant near the top, so we decided to have lunch there. It to around an hour for one revolution and we had some stunning views.

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