Holiday Day 1 – Toronto

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So, were up about 3am, reading and watching TV. Ann also tried out the Gym.

I’m reading Mike Oldfield’s autobiography ‘Changeling’.

We then had a relaxed breakfast at the hotel at around 8 o’clock and we were surprised how busy it was for a Sunday!

It’s a hot day – 30°C or thereabouts and very humid (although less humid than yesterday!)

After breakfast we slipped into cultural mode and took the Metro to the Royal Ontario Museum about a 15 minute ride away. Wow! what a place. Chinese artefacts, suits of armour, clothes, furniture… And the best bit of all – a shed load of dinosaur skeletons. We had a pitstop in their café (when we eventually found it – signage was not a feature here!)

Afterwards, we jumped back on the Metro and headed for Casa Loma… A castle built for Sir Henry Mill Pellatt. He was Mr Big in the finance world in the early 1900s. He got electric street lights into Toronto and pioneered a project to a harness electricity via water from Niagara Falls.

At one point, he was directly responsible for 25% of Canada’s economy – what a guy!

He fell from grace towards the end of his days and eventually had to sell the Castle to clear his debts. The castle is now owned by the City of Toronto and operated by the Kiwanis Club. A great place to look round, but the interior was strangely laid out.

After a morning of culture, we headed for the water-front for a latish lunch. We found a nice restaurant over-looking the harbour with a very welcome breeze.

After lunch, we had a look around the shops nearby, and picked up some nibbles for the evening.
We caught a cab back to the Hotel and spent the rest of the day reading and watching TV.

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