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It’s Bank Holiday Monday and we met up with David and Val having planned to do a ‘shortish’ walk in the Daventry area taking in Badby, Newnham, The Everdons and Fawsley. It was a beautiful day and seemed to be getting warmer as the day progressed.

David acted as chauffeur and after a short drive we were parked in the beautiful village of Badby. David and Val had a map from a old book outlining the route and we set off according to the instructions. Within 1o minutes we had gone wrong :)) and some locals pointed us the correct direction of Newnham. This wasn’t a good omen!!!

After some twisting and turnng we finally made it to the ‘Romer Arms’ in Newnham for a pit-stop. We resisted the temptation to have lunch there – my advice was to ‘push-on’ and that would give us ‘more motivation’.

After a lengthy stroll we eventually arrive in Great Everdon and ‘The Plough Inn’ – ‘Great’ we thought, ‘food at last’. Unfortunately, the place was undergoing refurbishment. So we carried on through the village hoping to find another Pub. Except there wasn’t one…
Val rang a few Pubs in the area only to find they had all stopped serving food or were too busy to take anymore customers. Help!

So, ‘Plan B’ swung into action and we decided to keep on walking until we got back to Badby. Yeesh, what a walk! It certainly felt longer than anything else we’d done for a while. Good job it was good weather though! We eventually made it back to the car. by about 3.30. We decided to head for Weedon (by car) and find a restaurant. We settled on ‘Two-for-One’ in Weedon, which wasn’t too busy and the food was better than we expected – the two-for one deal made it a good price too!

After eating we were so knackered, we decided we wouldn’t return to the Bluebell Woords even though that was one of the reasons for going in the first place.

We had a good journey home and got in around 5.30. When we arrived, Ann hid the bed and I hit the bath – we were both truly knackered. But we had had a really fun day!

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