Weekend with Ian and Sharon – Day 1

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We left home at 7.30ish heading for Ian and Sharon’s in Worthing. We arrived around 11.30 after stopping off in the town for some bits and pieces of shopping.

We had a coffee and a gossip and then headed off to Chichester. A lovely town. Even though I’m sure I must have been there as a kid, I didn’t recognise any of it – not even the Cathedral!

We headed back to Ian and Sharon’s and arrived around 4pm. After dropping them off we checked into ‘Edwardian Dreams’ Guest House, put our feet up and read the papers.

Ian and Sharon picked us up at 7pm. We went to ‘Smith and Western’ a themed cowboy burger/diner in Chichester. When we got there at 7.25, the place was heaving! Fortunately, the service and food was excellent!!

Ian and Sharon dropped us back around 10pm. A great day today …and scorching hot weather.

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