Holiday Blog – Day 6

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Found the local doctor yesterday (luckily just a five-minute drive away) as my back seemed to be getting worse. He gave me an injection of cortezone, which certainly did the trick (after some initial sweats and tingling in my arms and legs). We then had a great day, completely pain-free.

We visited the massive ‘Gateway’ retail park towards Durban ( – some 300 shops, 18 screen cinema, IMAX Theatre, 60 places to eat, 4000 sq metre skate park plus the World’s highest indoor cimbing rock.

We also dropped into Umhlanga to try out the ‘Oyster Box’ Hotel to sample their famous curries. Chicken for Ann and Crab for me. Powerful stuff!

A change in the weather today There was a spectacular storm overnight, thunder, lightning – the works! – we now have rain!

The pain in my back has returned, so it looks like we may take it easy today. So, off to Durban to take in the sites. First stop, the Royal Hotel for coffee and Danish. Tried to look round City Hall, but it was heavily guarded by five security guards who wouldn’t let us in without a ‘tourist pass’ (whatever that is!)

Now, off down the coast to ‘Scottburgh’ for a short mooch round. A sweet little town full of tiny nick-nack type shops with just a few small places to eat – Free parking everywhere though!

A slow drive back up the coast road (R102) towards Durban stopping off at ‘Charlie Crofts’ Diner at Wilson’s Wharf.

We headed back to base just in time to get caught in ‘rush-hour’ going north on the M4. Ahhh, just like back home!

Final blog tomorrow, when we’ll kill some time around Durban before checking-in around 3pm at Durban Airport.

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