Sort out your Grammar!

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Love this!

15 Grammar Goofs That Make You Look Silly
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Fifty Shades of Grey

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Raunchy or what!!!! 🙂

Little things

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After yesterday’s technological fiasco, things are more-or-less back to normal with the PCs – Phew!

The rest of the day turned out to be much more enjoyable – full of ‘little things’ getting sorted:

  • Drove down to Camera-Box in town to trade in my trusty Canon 20D for a Panasonic Lumix G2. The G2 should be in stock tomorrow
  • Posted most of the party invites
  • Spoke with an old friend from my JS days over the phone to determine if we might do some business together in the future
  • Lee returned to her place after her ‘wobble’ at ours over the weekend
  • Five minutes later, I was back at hers trying to determine why her TV had a picture but no sound. Turns out that the sky-box needed a reboot
  • The rock-salt was delivered (how’s that for planning ahead!)
  • The annual Gas central heating service happened (at last!)
  • Picked up David from the Woodland Hospital 
  • Started to catch-up with all my reading tasks
  • Updated my web-site

Up to Downtown

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We drove over to Peterborough first to pick up Ann’s new jacket from John Lewis and also for me to get a haircut. We then headed for Downtown for a spot of shopping and to meet Denis and Mae for lunch. The lunch area was packed-out but luckily Mae managed to find a table for four in the corner. Denis looked fine (although he is going to see a specialist about his sun-damaged skin) but Mae looked a little frail. It was good to catch-up as it’s been a while.

We had a successful shop. I picked up some new shirts, socks and handkerchiefs whilst Ann bought some new tops. We also picked up a cheese grater for Lee!

Ann drove back and we were home just before 2.30. Ann went to bed to recharge her batteries for tonight and I caught up with some TV and some odd-jobs around the house.

Visit to London

Reading time: 2 minutes...I took the early train to London with Ann this morning. I met up with Anthony from A2O to discuss display stands for the OCA (err, that’s enough abbreviations!). We kicked off early and were finished by 11.15.

I then jumped on the Tube and headed for London Bridge to meet Keith from the OCA – not to discuss stands, but simply to have lunch with him as a ‘thank-you’ for the excellent proof-reading job he carries out for the OCA Magazine.
southwarkcathedral We decided to eat at Fish! a restaurant very close to Southwark Cathedral. Initially, I couldn’t find it, but their free wireless internet access was registering on my Netbook, so I knew it must be close-by. Lucky I checked on-line and it turned out there were no tables spare for lunch anyway. I took advantage of the very warm weather and parked myself on a park-bench in Southwark Cathedral Gardens. What a gorgeous day – soon, the Gardens were packed out by workers having their lunch and sun-bathing (sort-of) – it was the nicest day so far, this year!

Plan B then! Keith eventually arrived by taxi (he had returned from the railway station at West Wickham because of signal failure and took a cab instead). We then headed off in the direction of Zilli‘s (in Dean St, Soho) – an Italian Restaurant that Keith knew very well, and they knew him. It was a horrendous taxi journey, lasting almost 40 minutes just to cover the few miles from Southwark to Soho. It reminded me of my work days driving in and around London – wall-to-wall traffic all going nowhere at 0.1mph!!
When we arrived, a table had been reserved for us just by the window looking out onto the street. Keith was concerned because the owner of the Restaurant had recently changed so he opted for the ‘safe’ Mushroom Risotto. I was a bit more adventurous and chose the ‘spicy sausage and taglietelle with broccoli and tomatoes – all washed down with a couple of glasses of white wine.
We left about 2.30 and went our separate ways. I caught the Tube at Tottenham Court Road whilst Keith went shopping for books.
I caught the 3.30 (just) and was indoors by 3.45.
The highlight of the day was sitting in Southwark Cathedral Gardens just watching the world go by!

Valentine’s Day

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I bought Ann a single red-rose on a 1 metre stem from The Red Rose Society. I also bought her some Valentine cards (that I’d sent earlier in the week, but Ann recognised my crappily disguised handwriting) plus two from MoonPig, that had customised covers and insides.

School Swot! Ann bought me a humorous cat book – ‘Cats, They Drive Us Crazy’ by Helen Exley plus a book about key facts learned at school – ‘I Used to Know That’ by Caroline Taggart – excellent stuff!

We’re ate in tonight. The plan was to have chicken fajitas and salad, but I’d put the chicken in the freezer last night in error. Instead, I had steak pie, peas book-iutktand mash and Ann settled for a generous portion of ‘cheesy-mash’. Neither was particularly romantic, but it tasted good! We did managed to polish off a large bottle of pink champagne though!

For afters we had apple-tart and creme fraiche

Very romantic!! – hic!!


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book1 book2 book3

One of the nice things about going on holiday, is that I get chance to catch-up on my reading. I managed to get through three this time!