Pacific Paradise – Day 9/28

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17th April
Cruise (Day 2)

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Morning all! Another day, another French Polynesian Island! 👍. Here we are in Bora Bora! We’re here until fora fora o’clock this afternoon. 😉

Well, this is the BIG one! Probably the most varied and lengthy holiday we’ve ever taken!

As you can guess from the title of the Posts, our 28-day jaunt near and around the Pacific Ocean involves land, air and yes (a lot of) sea! We originally planned to do this one a few years back, but Covid got in the way! But on a positive note, at least we’ve had plenty of time to pack!

Our Pacific Paradise began by heading to Heathrow by taxi, then taking the Virgin flight to San Francisco – we spent three days exploring the city. Next, it was back on a plane to take us to Tahiti for two more days. We then picked-up the Oceania Regatta for an 18-night cruise exploring French Polynesia (taking in the islands of Bora Bora, Rangiroa and Nuku Hiva). It’s then north towards the Hawaiian Islands. After twenty-six days, we disembark in Los Angeles, where we round it all off with two days in Venice Beach, before flying home to Heathrow, again courtesy of Virgin. Phew! 😁

If you’ve just discovered this Blog, click ‘Paradise Found’ above for how today fits in with our travel plans 👍

About Bora Bora

An iconic view

Bora Bora is part of French Polynesia, but sits in the Leeward Islands. Its name means ‘created by the Gods’. Luxury 5-star hotels, brilliant turquoise lagoons, necklace-shaped coral reefs, lush forests and extinct volcanic mountains are a photographers’ paradise.  

It’s only 12 square miles in size, with around 10,500 inhabitants, but during World War II, the United States fortified it with 7,000 soldiers. The USA military chose Bora Bora as a South Pacific military supply base after the attack on Pearl Harbour in 1942. The Marines constructed an oil depot, an airstrip, a seaplane base and defensive fortifications. The base, was known as “Operation Bobcat”, and seven heavy artillery guns were installed. The guns were set up at strategic points around the island to protect it against potential military attack by the Japanese. Luckily, the guns saw no action and the base was closed in 1946.

All Aboard!

After a quick breakfast, we headed ashore by Tender. It was just before 9am and we seemed to be one of the few ‘up and about’. Either we’d already missed the rush, or, we WERE the rush! Happily, it was the latter, and we were soon aboard for the ten-minute trip to shore.

Our enthusiastic Guide in action

Luckily, we were met by some locals, all eager to give us a tour around the Island. The first, wanted $100 each for a two-hour trip. We declined his offer as too expensive and instead chose the next ‘entrepreneur’ whose offer was a much more reasonable $35 each. Result! 👍

Air-conditioned! Phew!

As an added bonus, it was an air-conditioned mini-bus, rather than the rather basic converted Land Rovers of some of the competitors! Much kinder for temperature (and on the bum too!)

Our Guide was enthusiastic and full of local knowledge. Our mini-bus was comfy, cool and best of all, not completely full – Perfect! 😊😎

Just one of the many iconic views here

What followed, was a two-hour trip along the interesting route around the Island, taking in the key spots.

This was everything we’d hoped it would be, and so much better than our recent attempt in Mo’orea to go exploring!

Mr and Mrs Crusoe

We could easily see why this was promoted as an island for honeymooners! Blue, blue skies, crystal clear sea and a gorgeous temperature. For us, probably the most memorable stops were Maitai Beach

…the Bloody Marys Bar & Restaurant

…and the Four Seasons Hotel.

Returning to where we started, we could see the Regatta in the distance, and we were soon back on board.

It had been an excellent experience and our helpful Guide had helped us learn so much about Bora Bora. A highly recommended experience! 👍👍👍👍👍.

Tomorrow, we’re off to the Island of Rangiroa.

See you Tuesday! (Technology permitting) 🤔

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