Holiday: Day 3: Scotland (2022) – Glasgow

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Morning all! Thanks for your readership so far! ?

Day 3 – Saturday, 21st May

We’re on Day 3 (of 4) here in beautiful Troon staying at the rather excellent Salt Lodge Apartments right on the Harbour’s edge.

In a change to the UNadvertised programme, the Isle of Arran is postponed – today, we’re going to Glasgow instead! If you missed it, read Day 2 below for why we had to switch! Ooo, the drama!!!??

But before any travel, there’s the important issue of Breakfast! Yesterday’s, at next-door Scott’s, was excellent (it helps when it’s offered free as part of our package). ?

We like to try something new every day – and today was no exception, so I pilfered Ann’s ‘plant-based’ sausage. Not since I fitted my first carpet back in the mid-80s have I seen anything else that reminded me visually of such a similar texture! ?

In one of those rare ‘WhatAMistakaTaMaka‘ moments, it became a very short-lived experience. The taste was also similar to carpet (I couldn’t afford a Stanley Knife back in the 80s). Guess what? It was an absolutely disgusting experience in every sense (and I’ve tasted cauliflour!) – I won’t be going there again! ?

Troon to Glasgow

With Breakfast over, we turned our thoughts to today’s travel. As I mentioned earlier, we’re Glasgow-bound – and it’s pretty much a car-free (and hopefully a carpet-free) day as we’re taking the troon from Train err, the train from Troon!

10.02am: That was easy! Walk to the car (1 minute), drive to the station (7 minutes), park for FREE right outside, buy our tickets (£6.75 for this old one, £10.30 for the youngster!), train to Glasgow Central (48 minutes) and finally, the No. 2 bus to our first stop (£5 each, 15 minutes) – the Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum.

Glasgow Central
Could be worse!

Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum

11. 06am: Here we are at the Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum. And, in a double-first for me: not only have I never visited here before, it’ll be my first trip to Glasgow too! *

*Actually, later on, ‘senior management’ reminded me I HAD been to Glasgow back in the late 90s (albeit a different part). New set of neurons please! ?

This museum is apparently quite famous. Spread across three floors, there’s a bit of this, a bit of that… including an Art Galler, but to me, NOT that much! ?

And then, every so often, an exhibit surprises you…

Light Lunch

12.20pm: Time for something light to eat at the café in the basement. It was already heaving when we arrived, and I think we got one of the few remaining tables-for-two. Initially, we wondered why, but then we remembered it was the Scottish Cup Final today and I think the whole day’s trade was concentrated into the morning!

We reflected on the Museum. There was a fair amount of varied exhibits on show and as good as everything was, for us, it didn’t really have the Wow! factor. The Art Gallery had a lot of Scottish content but overall, there wasn’t that much to see.

1.10pm: As we left, we just caught part of the 1pm organ recital – excerpt below (may not play on all devices!)

All we needed to do now was catch the number 2 outside and we’d be back at Glasgow Central in no time. Lucky us – we only waited about 30 seconds and along came the bus.

Twenty minutes later, we still hadn’t arrived…”

1.32pm: Then, we went a bit ‘off-script’ (not our style at all, as many of you know!). Twenty minutes later, we still hadn’t arrived at the station. We should have realised something wasn’t right, but we remained on the bus with that look of optimism, as the scenery switched from shops into retail parks – and then to residential properties! ?

We’d missed our stop by some margin…”

My short conversation with the bus driver achieved two things. One: He told us we’d missed our stop by some margin; and two: it gave him the best laugh he’d had all week. Obviously, empathy, as well as in-bus directional signage was in short supply! ?

Demonstrating an impressive range of expletives…”

Following the bus driver’s instructions, we got off and crossed the road. It was at that point, we realised we were in the less glamorous part of Glasgow. Lucky us, as we joined Mrs McMadd from Clan McMadd who was also waiting for a bus – and cursing anything that moved. Consequently, we kept quite still! ?. She was clearly ‘on’ something and/or ‘off her face’ as she demonstrated an impressive range of expletives, whilst picking an argument with a passing yoof (who turned out to be her son!) ?

Try something new every day!”

2.15pm: There’s was no sign of the required 60, 60a or No.2, and as attractive as it was to be learning another language – especially a local dialect from a local, we flagged down a passing taxi. Our driver was a ‘salt-of-the-earth type’ and even froze his meter to round down our fare. Again, we’d been faithful to our mantra “Try something new every day”, but it wasn’t quite how we imagined our day would turn out!

From then on, everything returned to that calm ordered world in which we normally live! ?. On reflection (see what I did there!) I blame the heavily tinted/mirrored windows on one side of the bus, that prevented us from seeing the buildings! ?

3.45pm: Phew! Back in the room after our “Day of the Detour”

Tomorrow, it’s one of Scottish NT’s top properties: Culzean Castle. See you then! ??

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